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the kirbysphere short stories, flash fiction, and the occasional poem. currently posted works typically 700-2,000 words. currently working on a historical/litfic novella i post about sometimes.
world's address i create the occasional text game and also write frequently about music. the 1 published text game (BLAZING FLAMES) can be found underneath the “Other” tab on my website. i’m more of a rambler than a writer-of-value, but i do put effort into making what i write seem cohesive :-)
94673 It’s 94673. A story with multiple endings, poetry, diary entries and whatever else comes to mind.
happy as her My personal blog includes my writing page "Happy as Her" focusing on my experiences transitioning (and hopefully pushing into writing about just living life as a trans woman at this point! I've written about being a trans athlete, along with my relationships and figuring it out, and I'm currently working on more creative projects (i.e queer poetry along with abstract trans theory/queer theory talk).
varve varve I write mostly fantasy, science fiction, science fantasy, and really anything that's not standard modern day human life. I love to have a twist of the weird in my stories, even if sometimes it's a very mundane weird.
juniper juniperkuriboh I mostly write Yugioh fanfiction and original work. I also write some spicy stuff for fic, and a lot of my work is also horror themed.
paracosm I enjoy worldbuilding and sci-fi and all of that culminated into my novel, Paracosm. I don't have much on there yet aside from two chapters and some worldbuilding pages, but more will be added as I continue to write.
aster's archives I have the most experience writing stage plays but am beginning to get into unfiction and non-standard methods of storytelling through my websites! I often explore neurodivergence and finding joy in feeling "other". I also love to just ramble on about in-depth analysis of my favorite media!
foreverlikethis Both blog and digital garden. Themes include: Education, Tech Lite, Life, Psychology and Journaling.
Capax infiniti a dark fantasy webnovel about a world on the brink of apocalypse and the people destined to save, or damn, it.
Symphony I'm a writer of poetry, creative nonfiction, and science fiction. I'm currently working on a superhero novel, and a few other novels as well. I've been writing since early childhood, and my work often discusses trauma and neurodivergence.
Indylandia indylandia Journaling and essays.
Pistachio Party pistachio party Mostly poetry about grief, gender, employment and the experience of having and losing a body. Also fiction, and blog posts about tech and music.
Manyface Poetry that focuses on themes of trauma, recovery, mental health, and lived experience. The system also has self-published a book called The Lizard's Dance.


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